3 Tips for an Unplugged Evening

It may seem intimidating to unplug for any amount of time, but we’re here to help you take baby steps to making disconnecting just a part of your regular routine. Try these three steps for an unplugged 30 minutes tonight.

  1. When you get home, don’t turn on the TV, charge your phone in another room and don’t grab your laptop or tablet. We understand this will be a tough one.
  2. Pop a bottle of K-J, pour a glass, take in the aromas & flavors and really indulge your senses in tasting the wine. Do you notice any flavors you haven’t tasted before?
  3. Read that magazine. Grab a snack. Pick up a book. Read the newspaper. Start a fire. Write a letter. Enjoy the silence.

Thirty minutes isn’t a long time (though for some reason exercise seems to be tough for 30 minutes, right? Weird.) We know you can do it!