The Annual Pre-Harvest K-J Golf Tournament

We’re just about at the point of no return with this vintage. It’s possible that as you read this the vineyard teams and winemakers are checking out the first batch of grapes that have arrived at the winery.

Heidi von der Mehden winemaker, Brian Malone vineyard manager, Mike Ward, VP production, Mark Theis, winemaker

Harvest is a fun, but grueling, time of the year that includes long hours and lots of hardwork. Just ahead of the pick, we have a traditional at Kendall-Jackson – golfing. It’s winemakers versus vineyard crews, no holds barred, fight-to-the-death golfing action.

Eric Johannsen, winemaker, Chuck Shea, Miguel Aceves, vineyard manager

OK, so not really, but we try and have more fun on the course than usual. There’s a frisbee golf hole, we putt with a pool cool. And, if you look below, David Ready Jr. tries to strike a pose.

David Hudgins, vineyard manager, Ben Salazar, winemaker, David Ready Jr, winemaker, all strike a pose