Behind The Scenes With Anthropologie’s Cork Displays

Last month we were lucky enough to be part of a cork recycling program started by the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance (CFCA). Kendall-Jackson sponsored the collection of used wine stoppers that were then donated by the CFCA to Anthropologie, the fashion retailer.

Anthropologie, led by Erika Sorgule, senior display projects manager, turned those used corks into amazing window displays at all of their stores across the country. In addition to looking unlike anything else on the market, these displays brought awareness to both cork forests and recycling and Earth Day.

Now, as the displays prepare to come down as the calender turns, Anthropologie is stepping up to help raise awareness for the CFCA. Many of the items on display in the retail locations across the country are being put on the auction block and will be sold off on May 14th.

But until then, check out this video the CFCA put together. The non-profit went  behind the scenes at three stores while these displays were being built.