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Earth Day All Month

Ever wake up and find yourself searching for motivation? Do you search for inspiration to take that first walk or run on your path to a healthier life or to start making “greener” choices? Each week during April we’ll celebrate Earth Day; we will share practical tips on how you can make sustainable choices.

We’ll be focusing on topics like conserving energy and water, reducing waste and making healthy lifestyle choices. Whether you’re taking your first green steps or you’re already uber green, we hope to share our own ideas, and some of yours, that help preserve our planet – and some of your disposable income.

On April 22nd over a billion people world-wide will come together to celebrate Earth Day; we’ve sure come a long way since the inaugural event in 1970. It’s often said that “sustainability is a journey, not a destination” and with that in mind this month we’ll share with you some of our journey thus far and our plans for the future.

Please join us on this journey in April and if you have green suggestions or questions you want answered, please send them to us now so we can talk about them in the blog. In the mean time, if you want to get a head start, make a personal pledge at A Billion Acts of Green or find a local event at the Earth Day Network.