Employee Workshops On Sustainability For Work And Home

How often have you struggled with this question: I want to live a greener life but where do I start? Companies struggle with that very same question.

When we launched our sustainability program it was overwhelming trying to figure out what changes we should make and how to make them. At home people face the same challenge of sorting through all the options to live a “greener” life. This month we’re launching our Employee Sustainability Workshops to discuss sustainable practices that bring both professional and personal benefit.

Sustainability is about driving shared environmental, social and economic value. At work we find ways to reduce the amount of energy we use. As we reduce green house gases from energy use, we also cut our utility bill. Classic win-win, right? In our workshops we’re going to take it one step further: translating the sustainable practices we’ve implemented at work so our employees can use them in their home life.

Our Employee Sustainability Workshops are an exciting one-to-one way to build awareness with all our employees about broader sustainability topics. We’re covering what we’re doing as a company to enhance our environmental performance. Lastly, we’re building an understanding of practical action steps they can take to lessen environmental impacts and save costs – both at work and at home and how they can become more involved.

Each month we’re going to sit down with employees to cover a range of topics including:

  • An Introduction to Sustainability at Kendall-Jackson and Beyond
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Conservation
  • Waste Prevention
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Healthy Living Choices

We’re really excited about this new program, since we’ve built it from the ground up. Especially the last session on Healthy Living Choices – choices you can make at home that are healthier for your family while being better for the planet and techniques to manage the grind of long hours during harvest.

This month we’re also re-launching our Sustainability Teams. Stay tuned to our blog because there are even more exciting employee programs coming in the next month for our team.