Girls Gone Paint – Art and Wine Party

Colorful paint galore, flowing wines {K-J AVANT, of course} of red and white, talented gal pals flaunting their creativity before a blank canvas … it was the perfect girl’s-night-in! Oh yes, we even named this art party “Girls Gone Paint.” Hola!

We set the tone for the evening with dim lighting and comfortable appetizers for the chicas to enjoy upon arrival. All of the paint was set, inspiration boards of Geodes perfectly placed and wine glasses + bottles set at each paint setting. We were all set to brush through the night, and the first girls hadn’t even buzzed the doorbell. Hola!

Katie was such a gorgeous hostess with the mostest and even offered for us to have the soirée at her office townhouse on the Upper East Side. The space was absolutely stunning and the perfect fit for all of us to spread out, K-J AVANT the night down and create our Geodes masterpieces! She even explained to the girls the history of the Geodes inspiration board, explaining how all of us could take our creativity to the next level with various colors.

And although yours truly isn’t exactly Matisse {more like an untalented Picasso … you never know what I’ve created!}, my canvas turned a beautiful direction thanks to Katie’s expertise artist help!

All of the chicas had such a blast getting to catch up, wine it out right and even bring home a special canvas from a memorable night. So next time you’re thinking about having a girl’s wild night out, grab some paint + canvases and invite your girls over for a relaxing evening in. #GirlsGonePaint

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