Harvest Update: Sauvignon Blanc Now And Merlot On The Horizon

Things are starting to get serious with Harvest now. We’re bringing Sauvignon Blanc in at a pretty good clip. We’ve got the presses running, no drama; things are looking good.

I’m certainly going to start bringing in the first reds next week. We have a few blocks of Merlot that are ripening fast and starting to taste really good. That’s one of the best parts of my job.  I’m out there every morning, when the fog is still hanging in the trees, tasting the berries all cold from the night air. And they’re starting to taste really great.

Sweet, sure, but when the flavor really starts popping it’s amazing. Vibrant fruit flavors, and then when the skins seem just right, I’ll pull the trigger and bring in the first reds of the season.  It’s looking to be one for the record books. Cheers!