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K-J Recommends: Wine & Food Pairings For Your Smartphone

Paring wine with food that goes together is more art than science. Sometimes everyone could use a little help, and you don’t have to start with the “protein” in your meal – versus fruits, veggies and herbs. With that in mind we’ve released our free smartphone app for iPhone and Android: K-J Recommends.

K-J Recommends helps you pick the right wine for any meal or occasion.  Our easy to use interface helps to discover wines and create perfect pairings by the color in your mail or the flavor you’d like to try in a wine. Just select a flavor – maybe red cherry — from our food and wine section and get ready to enjoy our delicious Pinot Noir, where bright cherry notes complement plum and cola flavors.

Looking for a little help planning the evening? We’ve got you covered there, too. Our smartphone app features recommendations from the experts at Kendall-Jackson. Our executive chef, winemaster, director of education, and Katie Jackson herself are all ready to help make sure you deliver the right bottle for the right moment — just choose your occasion, time, mood and preference for red or white wine.

Of course, Kendall-Jackson also Goes Well With Friends, so we want to make sure you can share it on Facebook. By connecting K-J Recommends to your Facebook page, we’ll help you find out what wine best matches your profile, and our fan base is ready to help you pair wine and food in a way that’s sure to impress.

For more information check out the video above. And be sure to download K-J Recommends today.