Meet Jack, The Wine Center Cat

Meow! Hi there, my name is Jack and I am the official greeter at the Kendall-Jackson Wine Center.

You might be wondering how I got this great job. Well, it all started back in 2005. I was a little kitten who was left alone to fend for myself. I was wandering the streets, sleeping outdoors and looking for someone to adopt me when I happened upon the Kendall-Jackson Wine Center. I could smell some thing cooking from the kitchen and I could not help but follow my nose and answer the call of my belly.

As I cautiously approached the building, I was impressed by the huge grounds; here were acres and acres for me to explore, including vineyards, gardens and orchards. When I got to the building the people I met were kind enough to give me a bowl of milk and a dish of freshly cooked salmon. After that really nice meal I wanted to take a nap. Would you believe that they let me sleep right next to the fireplace? So far so good.

I was just thinking about how to turn this into something permanent when a mouse ran inside through an open door. Well, I was not about to share my comfy new found home with a mouse, so I did what comes oh so natural for me. You would think I just won the lottery, everyone in the building started petting and congratulating me. I thought: I could get used to this.

The next thing I knew, I was being taken on a private tour to a separate part of the Wine Center. More food was presented — and I even got a private room! It was equipped with a comfy bed, toys, a personally fit cat door just for me, and more food and water. It then that I got my name Jack, short for Jackson. It is in honor of Jess Jackson, my wonderful boss, that I’m provided with health care and this great career opportunity.

Mr. Jackson spied me on one of his visits to the Wine Center and let everyone know that “if Jack needs something, just buy it.” This endorsement from the boss, coupled with my mousing skills, earned me a solid full-time position.

Unlike most people, I work 7 days a week and have no vacations. If you want to stop by and say hello, you may find me outside the front door greeting customers as they arrive. If I have had a long night and need some rest, I may be resting inside next to the fireplace or on the staircase. During the summer I like to nap outdoors in the shade. The food here is great but, unfortunately, I have put on some extra pounds because of all of the kind attention. But I’m definitely not complaining.

If you do visit, I like to be scratched behind the ears, but am self conscious about my belly and don’t like it to be rubbed. I’m also not a big fan of dogs and tend to run away if I see one.