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Photo of the Day: 15th Annual Heirloom Tomato Festival

Saturday September 10 marked the fifteenth time Kendall-Jackson celebrated the tomato. The 15th Annual Heirloom Tomato Festival brought together Top Chefs, wine lovers, tomato worshipers and everything in-between.

From pizza to s’mores, tomatoes were on the tip of everyone’s tongue. The chef’s competition pitted past contestants from Top Chef – Kevin, CJ, and Jen – against our very own chef Justin Wangler. The judges all agreed that the food was great and the wine was excellent, but, in the end, defending champion Wangler was eventually dethroned.

So for now, enjoy the tomato and everything that it makes. We’ll see you again next year, but until then, check out 15th Annual Heirloom Tomato photo gallery.