Photo Of The Day: Mountain Vines

You may not believe it, but this tiny cluster will eventually turn into the grapes that will pressed into wine later in the Summer. If you take a look at our Flickr gallery, you’ll see that bloom is even in some very early stages.

This photo was taken on one of our mountain vineyards. We’re hoping to illustrate two things. First, to give a sense of where the vines are in their development this year, and, two, to show off the vineyards they come from.

At Kendall-Jackson we realize that the land is one of the most important parts of the winemaking process. We are fortunate enough to have spectacular land in prime location here in California. Because we have such great land we’re able to grow vines that look like this.

Pretty amazing, isn’t it? But even those great looking vines need to have good location. That’s why this particular baby cluster and this vine live here on Mt. Veeder. Now that is a spectacular view.

We hope to see you in Wine Country soon.