Tuesday Night Goes Well with Friends

Tuesdays can be the toughest day of the week: no more reminiscing with coworkers about the amazing weekend you had, it’s not quite the middle of the week, not too many exciting things on Tuesday nights to stay entertained. We have an idea for you: celebrate Tuesdays anyway!

There are so many ways to gather your friends and make this longest-day-of-the week something to actually look forward to:

  • Test a new recipe: Your friends love your spaghetti with homemade sauce but how about inviting them over on Tuesdays to try out something new from our bank of recipes? Try your hand at Grilled Corn & Squash Bruschetta to really surprise your guests. Don’t forget the K-J Chardonnay!
  • Break out the good stuff: From the K-J Grand Reserve wine to your nicest plates, break the monotony and enjoy the finer things on Tuesdays.
  • The playlist that brings it all together: Start your evening with songs that will keep your energy up while cooking and preparing for your friends to arrive. Keep the get-together going with songs you’d sing in your car. If you do, you know your friends do, and no one will be able to resist singing along.
  • Conversation & story-telling: You shouldn’t have a problem with this – you’re all friends for a reason! Your weekends, your work weeks, your family – talk about a gold mine of funny stories that will have you all cracking up.

Raise your glass & toast to Tuesdays: they go well with friends.