When Was the Last Time You Had a Good Laugh?

The belly laugh. Laughing so hard there are happy tears. The I-can’t-catch-my-breath laugh. Silence among friends because of the contagious laughter.

We don’t laugh – truly laugh – often enough. Laughter reduces stress, changes your attitude towards life making difficult situations easier to handle, and can even help develop social skills.

  1. Take your funniest friend out for a night on the town, phones off, and see what happens. Being dialed in to the experience at hand can lead to the laugh session you need. Bonus: it can make for some great stories!
  2. Watch your favorite funny movie with your best friend. Rewind the parts that make you giggle. Popcorn and K-J Chardonnay = yum.
  3. Find your go-to YouTube video & rewatch it. Again. And again.
  4. Call a friend and relive your funniest moment together. Most things get funnier over time…

Next time you feel the giggles come on, enjoy the ride.