DIY Wine Cork Christmas Tree


By Kendall-Jackson on December 21st, 2014

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Tis the season for festive parties and gatherings! All the celebrating that takes place this time of the year always seems to lead to an excess of leftover wine corks. Make use of them by turning them into fun holiday decorations. While the options are endless, we decided to turn our extra corks into a cork Christmas tree complete with a string of lights. It is so easy to make and it will totally impress all of your guests.

What You’ll Need:

  • Hot glue gun
  • Corks (we used approximately 150 but you can use less or more depending on the size you want your tree to be)
  • 1 small and 1 large Styrofoam cone
  • Red ribbon
  • Battery-powered string of lights


  1. Start gluing corks in upright position around each Styrofoam cone, leaving a small space between each cork. Keep gluing around until you reach the bottom, on the smaller cone the corks can hang longer than the Styrofoam if need be (make sure that they don’t on the larger cone as this will be the base).
  2. Once you have each cone covered with your corks, glue the two cones together, with the smaller one on top. It should now look like a Christmas tree with two tiers.
  3. In the gaps between the corks, start weaving your string of lights making sure not to push them in too far as there will still be another layer of corks on top of this.
  4. Next, start gluing another layer of corks. This layer has no pattern; just start gluing at different angles, working your way up from the bottom. Be sure to work around the lights, as you don’t want to completely cover them with corks.
  5. Once you reach the top, you will need to add two layers of corks to form the peak of the tree. On the first layer glue four upright corks together and then glue them upright onto the top of the cone, do the same for the next level with three corks.
  6. Take one cork and glue a bow, star, or small ornament of your choice to the top of it. After this has dried, glue this cork onto the top of tree.
  7. Add the finishing touch by wrapping a red ribbon around the tree.

Kendall-Jackson Wine Cork Christmas Tree #DIYKendall-Jackson Wine Cork Christmas Tree #DIYKendall-Jackson Wine Cork Christmas Tree #DIY

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