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Since 1982

Rooted in our Family-Grown Legacy.

Making good wine takes time. Growing great wine takes a lifetime. Our story began in 1982, rooting our vines in the rich soils of California Wine Country. We didn't just set the bar as ‘America’s Favorite Chardonnay’ or pioneers in sustainable winemaking—we work hard every day to ensure we are raising it. Over 40 years of commitment to the quality of our wines keeps our team grounded and guides us into a sustainable future. Join us, we would love to share it with you.

Winery History

Established in 1982, the Kendall-Jackson story is founded on family, a passion for boutique winemaking, and a commitment to sustainable business practices.
When you set out to grow something superior, you grow towards your truth.

Our Team

Passion is everything here at Kendall-Jackson, we’re proud to have assembled the best in food, wine, and farming that help us lead the way.

Randy Ullom

Head Winemaker

Tracey Shepos Cenami


Tucker Taylor

Master Culinary Gardener
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The Jackson Family

Making wines has become a family tradition. For generations, the Jackson family has passed down their love and dedication for winemaking. Read the story from the beginning and learn what the family is up to today. Discover more at the Jackson Family Wines site.

Our Vineyards

Kendall-Jackson Vineyards
California Certified Sustainable
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