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Environmental Stewardship


Here are a few examples of our Sustainability Practices in Action. Visit us again soon for more content on our sustainability program.

Sustainability: In the Winery

Our sustainability efforts start in the vineyard and continue into the winery. We've looked at every aspect of the winemaking process and looked for ways to reduce energy and water usage and implement innovative recycling programs.

Here at Kendall-Jackson, how we produce our wines is just as important to us as how they taste. Digging deep is a core tenet of our approach to sustainability. We believe that by looking at every detail, we can uncover many small changes that, together, make a big difference.

Here are just a few of the programs we have put in place at the winery:

Certified California Sustainable Winegrower

  • After meeting the 241 criteria in the program, Kendall-Jackson's wineries became 3rd-party certified under the Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance's program.

Water Conservation

  • Upgraded to barrel washers requiring 40% less water
  • Switched to green cleaning agents to eliminate tank rinses

Solid Waste Reduction and Management

  • Barrels are sold for winery reuse, rotary composters and rain water catchment.
  • Pomace is composted and applied back to the vineyard or used by 3rd-parties.
  • Environmentally Preferred Purchasing program was developed for office supplies.

Energy Managment

  • Equipment has been retrofitted to conserve 9.3M kilowatt hours per year.
  • Renewable Energy Certificates purchased for 30 million kilowatt hours.
  • Annual totals equal to: 6,283 homes usage or emissions from 3 million gallons of gasoline.
  • Kendall-Jackson is an EPA Green Power Partner.

Human Resources

  • Workplace safety is our highest priority as our safety record demonstrates.
  • Employees undergo constant, rigorous environmental health and safety training.
  • We have a vision and values statement that includes sustainability elements.

Neighbors and Community

  • Hundreds of employees give their time and financial support to philanthropy.
  • As a company we support over 40 community organizations.
  • We regularly speak at conferences to multiply the benefits of our sustainability.

Sustainability: In the Vineyards

We're distinguished among wineries our size by owning 80% of the acres we farm. As a result, we can infuse sustainability into all stages of the winemaking process, starting in the vineyards.

Sustainability for us starts out in our estate vineyards. Just as we invest in our vineyards and wineries, we take steps to help ensure our land, our business and the environment stay healthy for generations to come. After all, we plan to be here awhile! Here are just a few of the things we have done on this ongoing journey:

Certified California Sustainable Winegrower

  • After meeting the 227 criteria in the program, all of Kendall-Jackson's vineyards became 3rd-party certified under the Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance's program.

Sustainability in Practice (SIP) Certification

  • All of Kendall-Jackson's Santa Barbara and Monterey County vineyards have been 3rd-party certified under the SIP program.
  • All of Napa, Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino County vineyards have been audited by SIP and expect certification in late 2011.

Integrated Pest Management

  • Cover crops provide beneficial insect habitat and improve water holding.
  • Leaf pulling reduces disease reducing road dust to control mite populations.
  • Habitat conservation in and around the vineyards provides biodiversity.

Water Conservation and Quality

  • Only drip irrigation is used to conserve water and the energy to pump it.
  • Winery rise water from barrels and tanks is recycled for vineyard irrigation.
  • High-pressure barrel washers are now using 45% less hot water.

Ecosystem Management

  • Hundreds of nesting boxes for raptors population to control rodent damage.
  • Only 31% of acreage is planted to grapes, leaving the remainder to nature.
  • Over 5,500 trees, mostly oak, have been planted at our vineyards.

Viticulture and Soil Management

  • Plant tissue analysis is conducted to minimize water and fertilizer inputs.
  • Comprehensive and site-specific control measures prevent soil erosion.
  • Vine balance is maintained by shoot selection, crop thinning and green drop.


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