Meet Our Extended Family - The Kendall-Jackson Team

Meet Our Extended Family

Taste is everything here at Kendall-Jackson, so we have assembled the best in food and wine.

Winemaseter Randy Ullom

Randy Ullom


Joined: 1992 | Became Winemaster in 1997

Focus: Oversees the entire Kendall-Jackson Portfolio

"I look at all of the vineyards we own, and all of the individual lots of wines that we make, and the thousands of barrels we have sitting in our cellar and sometimes I think, you gotta be kidding me! After I've sufficiently recovered from my daily panic attack, I take off my coat, dig in my heels and take it one barrel at a time. It's a rewarding job that I love."

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Winemaker Mark Theis

Mark Theis


Joined: 1994

Focus: Oversees all Burgundian and Rhone winemaking

Mark joined Kendall-Jackson in 1994 as Winemaker at our Lakeport winery in Lake County. Over the years, he has honed our Chardonnay winemaking style - a tremendous task. Today, Mark oversees our Burgundian winemaking programs (Chardonnay and Pinot Noir) as well as our Syrah releases.

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Fritz Meier - Winemaker

Fritz Meier


Joined: 2001

Focus: Oversees all Claret winemaking

Fritz came to Kendall-Jackson in 2001 after 7 years as Head Winemaker at Husch Winery in Anderson Valley. In fact, Fritz was promoted to be Husch’s Head Winemaker when Mark Theis left to take the job for Jess Jackson at Kendall-Jackson’s Lake County winery in 1994.

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Justin Wangler - Executive Chef

Justin Wangler

Executive Chef

Joined: 2005

Culinary Focus: Farm to Table - Wine Country Cuisine

"For a chef, the idea of having access to Kendall-Jackson's world-class wines and a superb culinary garden is a dream come true". 

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Kendall-Jackson Chef Tracey Shepos Cenami

Tracey Shepos Cenami

Chef & Cheese Specialist

Joined: 2005

Culinary Focus: Farm to Table – Wine Country Cuisine & Artisan Cheese

By age 10, Tracey Shepos had sampled foie gras and frogs legs, and already knew what kind of caviar she preferred. 

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Pastry Chef Robert "Buttercup" Nieto

Robert Nieto

Pastry Chef

Joined: 2012

Culinary Focus: Farm to Table – Wine Country Cuisine & Pastry

One of my current favorite pairings is our Late Harvest Riesling paired with my Cheesecake Soufflé with Estate Strawberry Jam, Vanilla Bean Meringue & Spicy Greek Basil.

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Culinary Gardener Tucker Taylor

Tucker Taylor

Master Culinary Gardner

Joined: 2012

Gardening Focus: Organic, Specialty Produce, Sustainability

An expert in certified organic farming, specialty produce, and sustainability, Tucker strongly believes in soil cultivation with a healthy dose of organic compost as the key to a good harvest.  

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