Kendall-Jackson Culinary Team - Pastry Chef Alexa Sayad


Kendall-Jackson Culinary Team - Pastry Chef Alexa Sayad
Joined: 2021
CULINARY FOCUS: All dessert and bread-related foods

Alexa Sayad has enjoyed watching cooking shows since — what would be considered — her easy bake oven years. During that time, she always had a fascination with chemistry and quickly figured out their commonality: mixing things together to create something else. So, after graduating high school it was a natural transition into culinary school.

Before joining the Kendall-Jackson team in 2021, Alexa had over a decade of professional culinary and bakery experience. Her first culinary job was in 2008 at ‘Pieces of Heaven’ — a chocolate shop in Carmel, CA — where she got her first experience assisting in chocolate and candy making. In 2011, the executive chef at Chaminade Resort in Santa Cruz decided to take a chance on young Alexa and brought her in as her pastry chef. From there, Alexa grew confidence, skills, and a passion for pastries.  

Since her time as a blossoming pastry chef at Chaminade Resort, Alexa has become a savvy and talented Patissier: she had her own custom cake design business, has been featured in Sacramento wedding magazines, and led the Northern California Bakery team across recipe development and merchandising at Whole Foods before becoming the Pastry Chef at Lafayette Park Hotel in San Francisco.  

On her days off, Alexa spends most of her time with her husband on their Cloverdale property where they garden, raise chickens, and tend to beehives. When she’s not homesteading or baking, she enjoys traveling the world and exploring different cities, cultures, and cuisines.  

Alexa’s favorite pastry is carrot cake and her favorite Kendall-Jackson pairing is Late Harvest Riesling with Peach Frangipane streusel.