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MacLean Hartford

“The legacy that my family built before me brings a huge sense of pride, and it’s my generation’s duty to preserve that legacy for years to come.”

MacLean is the first-born grandson of Jess Jackson, the late founder of Jackson Family Wines. His parents, Don Hartford and Jenny Jackson Hartford, established Hartford Family Winery three years before he was born, so his childhood home was surrounded by century-old Zinfandel vines. He grew up attuned to the rhythms and seasonal changes of the vineyards, the intricacies of the wine industry, and the excitement of harvest.

MacLean took a year off after high school to work harvests at wineries in Bordeaux and in Australia. He then spent two years at the University of California at Davis enrolled in the College of Agriculture and Environmental Science. MacLean is planning on completing his undergraduate studies at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, where he has been accepted as a transfer student into the School of Economics.

Together with his sister Hailey and his parents, MacLean is owner of Hartford Family Winery in the Russian River Valley.

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