Kendall-Jackson AVANT Red Blend

K-J AVANT California Red Blend 2013

This sultry K-J AVANT Red Blend wine is a mosaic of French varieties focusing on Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec, with a solid base of Merlot. Soft tannins with layers of plum, raspberry, strawberry, pomegranate, and hints of vanilla and chocolate, combine to create a wine that is smooth and fruit forward. Perfect for a celebration with friends or a fun night in.

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Wine Facts
California: 66% Sonoma County 30% Mendocino County 2% Lake and Napa Counties 2% Santa Barbara County
50% Merlot 22% Syrah 9% Cabernet Sauvignon 9% Malbec 7% Petite Sirah 3% Carignan and other
Alc %


Base of Merlot contributes bright flavors of raspberry and strawberry. Syrah adds hints of spice and dark chocolate. Cabernet Sauvignon adds dark cherry tones. Malbec delivers a smooth, sleek texture and rich fruit flavors of ripe plum.

plum, raspberry, strawberry, pomegranate and hints of vanilla and chocolate
Primary Aromas & Flavors
quinoa and roasted beet salad
Food & Wine Pairing
60° F
Ideal Serving Temperature
Ideal Glass Shape