9 Music Festival Essentials

Music festivals are always an amazing time but forgetting some key essentials has the potential to put a damper on any festival experience. We gathered a list of Festival must-haves to help you prepare for anything that comes your way.

  1. Extra Car Keys: Don’t be the person that’s stranded at the end of the festival because you lost your keys. Bring a spare set just in case and be sure to put them somewhere safe, this is especially important if you’re camping out.
  2. Back Up ID: IDs are easy to lose, don’t risk not being able to grab that drink with your friends before Lorde’s set. Bring an extra form of identification to keep in a safe place just in case you need it.
  3. Portable Phone Charger: Between snapping pictures and sending texts, your phone is likely to die quickly at a music festival. Don’t get stranded alone with a dead phone, no friends and no way to take pictures of your favorite artists; bring a portable charger or battery with you.
  4. Anti-bacterial Wipes: You’ll be thankful to have these on hand before digging into your festival grub and you’ll be even more thankful when the port-o-potty runs out of soap and paper towels.
  5. Water Bottle: Its important to stay hydrated during any music festival. Avoid constantly paying for water bottles by bringing your own reusable one. Try to get one that is compact and lightweight so it’s not a hassle to carry around, such as a foldable bottle.
  6. Band-Aids: Walking around all day can often result in painful blisters; don’t let them stop you by bringing a few Band-Aids along. You don’t want to miss dancing your heart out to Calvin Harris because of a few pesky blisters.
  7. Sunscreen: The majority of music festivals are outdoors, which often results in painful sunburns for those who don’t come prepared. Avoid this uncomfortable ailment by applying plenty of sunscreen throughout the day.
  8. Sunglasses: The sun can be just as harmful to your eyes as your skin. Protect them with sunglasses but make sure it’s not a pair that you love too much as this accessory is easy to lose!
  9. Hand Warmers: Many music festivals have drastic temperature changes from scorching days to chilly nights so it’s hard to be prepared for all the elements. Help fight off nighttime chill by packing disposable hand warmers, they’re compact enough to carry around all day without extra hassle. This way you can rock out in warm comfort when Outkast comes on stage.