Wine Pairings You'll Love this Valentine's Day

By dhueston 
In: Entertaining

Single? Taken? It's complicated? We believe no matter what your relationship status is this Valentine's Day, it’s still a day worth celebrating because it's a day dedicated to the wonderful and amazing emotion of love. Whether you are currently in love, have a loving family, enjoy the unconditional love of your dog, or accept the conditional love of your cat, February 14th is still a fantastic excuse to celebrate and appreciate those around you. Whichever kind of love you are currently celebrating, we can help you celebrate it. 

For the New Love Interest

Getting to know each other? No need to worry about what’s on the menu because this Pinot Noir will pair with most foods and meals. It’s a great fruit-forward red wine that both “red-only” drinkers and “white-only” drinkers will love.

For the Random Swipe Right  

If you’re daring enough to have a first date on Valentine’s Day, we applaud you. Keep the variables minimal by choosing a wine that is familiar, trusted, and always delicious. After all, there's a reason our Vintner’s Reserve Chardonnay continues to be America’s #1 Chardonnay year after year. So, if you don't know what to expect on your date, you at least know what you can expect with this wine.

For Your One and Only  

Sometimes Valentine’s Day can be a nice reminder for us to take a pause and appreciate our long-term love. If you want to make this Valentine’s Day extra special for that person who has always been your extra support, go with our Stature Cabernet Sauvignon.

For the Pet Parents

If your ideal date involves a cuddle puddle of your furry friends, then sip on the light and crisp Avant Unoaked Chardonnay. Unlike our classic Vintner’s Reserve, this wine is unoaked– meaning it's not made with traditional oak wine barrels but in stainless steel tanks– with flavors of green apple and citrus. It’s a light and easy wine for a light-hearted and easy evening with your favorite pet.

For the Me-Time Celebration  

If we could change the concept of Valentine’s Day from being couples focused to self-love focus, we would because there is no one you need to take care of and love more than yourself. Even if you do have a significant other, we highly recommend taking some time for self-care, and we have the perfect wine to help with just that: our Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon. It has notes of black cherry and blackberry with hints of mocha and vanilla. It’s the perfect wine to unwind and relax and celebrate you!

For the Family Gathering   

If you’re the type of person who celebrates every holiday with the family, then you need a fun celebratory wine to cheers those who have always been by your side. For Valentine's Day go with this Sauvignon Blanc. It’s fruit-forward, well-balanced, and a great wine to sip while you playfully argue.

For the Rekindled Love  

Reuniting with the one that (almost) got away? Make a great second impression with a special home-cooked and romantic food pairing of Oysters and Chocolate Truffles. The oysters will pair well with K-J Avant Chardonnay and the truffles will pair well with Cabernet Sauvignon. If you’re intimidated by the prep, you can always keep it simple and serve only the wine.

For the Newly Single  

If you’ve gone through a recent heartbreak, Valentine’s Day can be a difficult holiday. But think of this first Valentine's Day post-breakup as an opportunity to celebrate a new beginning. This Riesling has notes of apricot and pear. It's the perfect wine for a newly single person like yourself because it’s crisp and vibrant just like you!

For the Gals and the Pals   

Who better to add a little com to your rom than your friends on Valentine’s Day? Get your friend group together (preferably in PJs), stock up on snacks, choose a feel-good romantic comedy, and pour everyone a glass of Rosé.   

Now go love the day, love the wine, and if nothing else, love yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day!