Princeton Anthropologie 2

Earth Day Cork Recycling With Anthropologie & The CFCA

Starting today if you visit any Anthropologie you’ll see some of the coolest Earth Day windows anywhere. Anthropologie is known for having naturally beautifully woman’s apparel and home décor, and its window displays are the pinnacle of this almost Zen-like style. This month they’ll be featuring recycled wine corks to highlight the importance of recycling corks and supporting the biodiversity of cork forests and the local farm families they’ve supported for generations.

We teamed up with the non-profit Cork Forest Conservation Alliance by funding the shipment of millions of recycled corks to the Anthropologie stores. We’ve been partnering with CFCA to recycle corks at the store level. The new partnership with Anthropologie is an inspirational way to get the public to join in the fun of recycling corks for the benefit of the environment.

Earth Day is April 22nd so get connected by stopping in at an Anthropologie store and send us picture of their amazing window displays. You can stay up-to-date by following Kendall-Jackson on TwitterFacebook updates and here on the blog.  You can also follow what’s happening at CFCA and Anthropologie on Facebook and Twitter.