K-J’s Upcycled Holiday Touches

You know we’re all about sustainability. Part of our commitment to being green is to upcycle materials or items and give them a new life. The holidays can be excessive, so every little bit counts!

K-J Holiday Party Placecards

Picture this: you’ve just enjoyed a bottle of K-J with friends. You recycle the bottle and….keep the cork? We encourage you to! For your holiday dinner, make placecards using old holiday cards and K-J corks.


Time: less than an hour

1. Wrangle a cork for every person attending your holiday dinner and a sharp, serrated knife.

2. Carefully “saw” into the cork and make a cut. You can wiggle the knife side to side too to make the opening a little bigger for the cardstock.

3. Shave off the other side of the cork, directly opposite of the opening you just cut so that the cork doesn’t roll over. This may take a few tries, but just keep sawing pieces off until it’s relatively flat. No one will see this side – it will be the bottom.

4. Cut up an old holiday card, maybe one with a winter scene or metallic paper, to fit directly into the opening on the cork.

5. Write each person’s name on the pieces of paper and place in front of each place setting.

You can use these as dish markers too so your guests don’t have to guess what each dish is.

How do you upcycle at the holidays?