Sustainable Holiday Party Planning – Part 1

Everyone wants the holidays to be snowy white with bells ringing and chestnuts roasting in a winter wonderland. What if we told you that you could have that and so much more? This year, make your holidays celebrations evergreen! Here are some smart holiday planning tips that can save you some green, while also keeping with the spirit of sustainability:

1. Deck the halls!

Get creative with your decorations. Reuse everyday items as decorations by sprucing them up with a little TLC and holiday inspiration. Party decorations such as balloons, streamers, and other throwaway items end up going to landfills as waste, so don’t let that happen!* Reusing your own unique items in your home may significantly reduce your impact. Crafting at home with recycled materials may also set the holiday mood by entertaining guests who will bond not only by glue, but by the conversations to be shared as well. Here are 10 decoration ideas from Real Simple to inspire your decorating.

2. Come one, come all!

Electronic Invitations: Traditional invitations sent through the mail may have quite a few miles to travel and emissions associated with their production.* Online invitations will cut down on paper waste and the emissions associated with delivery. Many online services will allow you to fully customize your invitation with your own personal holiday flare free of charge and without the hassle of postage. Quickly send out all of your electronic invitations with the click of your mouse! If you do wish to send out paper invitations, opt for those made from recycled materials and add your own holiday magic.

Sustainable party planning does not mean that you need to invest in expensive high-tech eco gadgets or force intimidating health food on your guests. Sustainable party planning actually allows you to make special personal choices for a meaningful holiday that your guests will always remember. By making smart and meaningful choices, you can cut down on your waste, cost, and traveling associated with party planning. After you have been crowned holiday cheer-meister for all of your hard work, you can relax and enjoy the party too!

Watch for Part 2 next week!

-Sabrina Sihakom, Sustainability Coordinator

*Tips provided by Practically Green, an online portal for sustainability and employee engagement