The Spirit Of Giving

With the holidays coming, it’s important to reflect on families that are less fortunate and might not have the means to celebrate with their loved ones.

Every year around the holidays, Kendall-Jackson sponsors a local charity organization. This year we sponsored the Volunteer Center Of Sonoma County, in partnership with the radio station KZST and Freidman Home Improvement. For 20 years the Volunteer Center has been granting holiday wishes to those less fortunate.

The theme this year is “Sonoma County’s Secret Santa.” In the front lobby of our office we have a Christmas tree with Secret Santa hearts hanging up. Each heart contains the name and holiday wish of a person in need.

Our employees grab hearts off the tree and grant people their holiday wishes. For many families, the Secret Santa program is a way for their families to celebrate the holiday season. After selecting a heart, the presents are left under the office tree for the Sonoma County Volunteer Center to pick up.

The person I selected off the tree is a young male with AIDS who wishes for a blender or a microwave. My sister selected a 19 year old girl who needs a crib for her child. I was looking at the hearts on the tree and a lot of the people were either homeless or struggling to support their families. In the past, I used to see a lot of children asking for toys, but this year a lot of homeless men and women were asking for warm clothes.

Things we take for granted could really make a difference in someone’s life this holiday season so I encourage everyone to think about those less fortunate.