Entertaining with Kendall-Jackson Wines


Check out our handy tips for entertaining with both food and wine.

Serving Tips

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Wine Serving Temperatures


From room temperature, white wines need about an hour in the refrigerator to achieve this temperature. If the wine is too cold, it will mask the aromas and flavors making it seem simple. If the wine is too warm, it will seem fat (meaning lacking acidity and structure).

SERVE AT 55-58° F


Remember that "room temperature" referred to drafty stone castles, not modern insulated homes. Cool room temperature red wines in the refrigerator for 15 to 20 minutes before serving. When red wines are served too warm, they become overly alcoholic and flabby. If reds are served too cold, their aromas and flavors will be muted.

SERVE AT 62-65° F


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The Rim
Generally the opening of the glass is not wider than the widest part of the bowl.
The Bowl
The most important part of the wine glass is the bowl, also known as the cup.
The Stem
Gives the glass its height and provides something to hold while drinking.
The Foot
Also known as the base or footer, the foot gives the stemware its stability.
White Wine Glass
The Wine Glass

Why obsess over red wine and white wine glass shapes?

Is there a difference between a paring knife and a chef’s knife? Why not substitute iceberg for arugula? Yes, the differences suggested may sound dramatic, but wine glasses can span such broad differences in spectrums, too.

That is because wine glasses change smell and taste. Aromas and flavors connect slightly differently to your perception diodes given the glassware.

Nonetheless, there are limits. When the differences are not so obvious or when convenience eclipses all, skip the formal stuff. Splash wine into any vessel!

Food And Wine Pairing Tips

There are a lot of rules when navigating through a successful wine and food pairing. Here are a few tips to help your decision when selecting a wine. Remember, be creative and stick with wines that you typically enjoy drinking.

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Wine Pairings

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