How-to Pair Wines with Pizza

By dhueston 
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We know a thing or two about being a favorite– we make 'America's Favorite Chardonnay', after all. But when it comes to America's favorite food, it's hard to contend with one of the most popular answers: pizza. From the classic New York-style slices to the Chicago deep dish to Neopolitan pies, and yes, even California-style, the creativity of this culinary delight knows no bounds. Whether you're ordering from your local pizza shop, tossing your own dough and firing up your very own personal pizza oven, or simply heating up a frozen pie (no judgment!), we rounded up our favorite wine and pizza pairings. So the next time you reach for a slice, pour one of these sips.

Classic Pizza Pairings

You'll never go wrong when pairing these traditional toppings with these easy-to-drink and easy-to-find wines.

  • Pepperoni + Kendall-Jackson Vintner's Reserve Zinfandelthe jammy flavors of the wine can stand up to the savory (and sometimes greasy) slices of 'roni 
  • Mushroom + Kendall-Jackson Vintner's Reserve Pinot Noirthe earthy notes of the wine complements the earthy, umami notes of the mushrooms 
  • White or Four Cheese +  Kendall-Jackson Grand Reserve Chardonnay: the balance of oak and mouthfeel of the wine highlights the buttery crust, garlic, and mix of creamy cheese flavors
  • Hawaiian + Kendall-Jackson Vintner's Reserve Sauvignon Blanc: whether you find this choice controversial or not, the tropical notes of the wine simply pair perfectly with the pineapple 

Gourmet-style Pizza Pairings

If you're looking to get more adventurous with your toppings and your wines, look no further. Here at the Kendall-Jackson Wine Estate & Gardens, we have our very own wood-fired pizza oven. We're also lucky to have around four acres of gardens that give us an abundance of flavors. When it comes to wood-fired pizzas, there's nothing better than using in-season ingredients that can intertwine with the sauce and perfect char of the crust. Here are just a few of our favorite creations our culinary team has created and served to guests who come in for a visit, each paired with our Jackson Estate wines.

White Spring Pizza: A base of white garlic sauce topped with potato, goat cheese, caramelized onion, and Meyer lemon. This combination sings with spring flavors. The combination of earthiness, the tang of the goat cheese, and the brightness of the citrus makes it perfect to pair with our brand-new Jackson Estate Three Vistas Chardonnay. Or for a more mineral-driven style of Chardonnay, reach for our Jackson Estate Cloud Landing Chardonnay.

Veggie Pizza: A base of red sauce topped with kale, carmelized onion, and ricotta cheese, with a sprinkle of crushed red pepper flakes. Cozy up and pair this pie with our just-released Jackson Estate Three Vistas Pinot Noir for a luscious, fruit-forward option. Or embrace the earth and spice flavors with our Jackson Estate Seco Highlands Pinot Noir.

Smoked Meat Lovers Pizza: A base of red sauce topped with smoked mozzarella, sausage, and more mozzarella. This savory, meat-lovers pie begs for an equally savory glass of red wine. Pair it with our full-bodied Jackson Estate Santa Barbara Syrah or the deep, rich flavors of our mountain-grown Jackson Estate Hawkeye Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon.


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