Explore Our Culinary Gardens

We invite you to take a guided tour or stroll at your leisure in a garden grown to entice your senses.

Meet Farmer T

Our gorgeous grounds are a labor of love and are cared for by a passionate team led by Tucker 'Farmer T' Taylor, Director of Culinary Gardens.

Set on approximately four acres, our Culinary Gardens offer a seasonal abundance of sight, smell, and taste.

No visit is complete without a stroll through our gardens. The Kendall-Jackson Culinary Gardens offer seven distinct garden spaces. Some are educational in nature; some are planted solely for beauty. Still others provide the fruit, vegetables, and herbs that inspire our Wine & Food pairings created by our Culinary Team. A veritable cornucopia of beauty and flavor, the gardens are a core component of our commitment to food and wine education.

By growing most of our produce featured within our tasting experiences, we are able to showcase great variety and better quality than what we could purchase all while reducing our carbon footprint by reducing the food miles our produce travels from farm-to-table.

Drawing of fruits & veggies
The backbone of Culinary Garden is a rotating selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables. We source a diverse variety of heirloom seeds from around the world and practice seed-saving to ensure genetic diversity for years to come. From common favorites like tomatoes and strawberries to rare delicacies such as oyster leaf and ice lettuce, we harvest our organic produce daily to provide the freshest ingredients for both our Culinary Team as well as a collection of celebrated Chefs and restaurants across the Bay area.
Drawing of Herbs & Spices
An extensive collection of herbs ranging from Rosemary and Thyme to Thai Basil to Lemongrass to Sage to Cilantro allows our Culinary Team to experiment with a range of international cuisines including French, Italian, Latin, and Asian.
Drawing of a honey bee
Pollinator Garden
Not only does our apiary serve as a demonstration beehive, our pollinator friends also help our garden flourish. We also harvest honey from our beehives which is used daily in culinary creations.
Drawing of wine glass
Planted to help our guests develop a vocabulary when it comes to smelling and tasting wine. Each corner of our Sensory Garden represents a White or Red wine varietal with both descriptors and affinities.
Drawing of a chicken
We raise Cochin Bantam chickens here at Kendall-Jackson. These friendly birds are well known for their sweet personality. With their many color varieties and feather patterns they are also absolutely beautiful to look at. Our eggs are harvested each day and are used by our Culinary Team.
Drawing of hops
No, we don't brew beer here but the hops are used by our Culinary Team to accent food dishes. A hops teepee is a trellis design that supports hop bines while they grow vertically. Each quadrant of the teepee focuses on a different variety of hops: Cascade, Willamette, Mount Hood, and Nugget.
Drawing of a thermometer
In 2024, we added a collection of greenhouses. These new additions help us to maximize our space while providing the optimal environment to grow our most in-demand produce as well as protect our more delicate offerings from nature and the weather.

From the Garden