Bridging The Gap From Fossil Fuels To Renewables

By Sustainability 
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Do you ever wonder where your electricity comes from? Sure, it comes from a power plant, but what kind of power plant? Is it one that runs on fossil fuels, like coal, petroleum or gas, or one that runs on renewable energy, like solar, wind or hydroelectric.

Fuel sources for energy production are incredibly diverse.  They range from millions of years old fossil fuels to the latest renewable technology like tidal power that harness clean energy.

The truth is that fossil fuels are finite – we can’t rely on them forever, and eventually we will need to find better alternatives.  And given rising costs, increased political instability, and environmental degradation, why wait?

Here at Kendall-Jackson our energy strategy is simple: quit using fossil fuels for energy production and move entirely to renewable energy sources.  We’re taking steps that direction and have already installed the largest rooftop solar co-generation system in the U.S. that generates both solar electricity and solar hot water.

Another program we’ve instituted has us buying renewable energy for 100% of our business use, and on behalf of our 1,000 employees’ home use; that’s a first for any company.

At Kendall-Jackson we make these choices for a number of reasons. We believe it’s a better way to do business; we believe it’s better for our community; we believe it’s better for the environment; and, at the end of the day, we believe it helps us find better ways to make great wine.