From Tree to Table: The Kendall-Jackson Barrel Story

By Kendall-Jackson 
In: Wine 101

Acquiring the best French Oak on earth for our wines isn’t easy. 

It’s a story that spans two continents and over two decades. From our humble beginnings to now, we have always believed in producing the highest quality wines using artisan methods — and our commitment to French Oak plays an integral part in this labor of love.

In this video, you’ll learn about how our founder, Jess Jackson, teamed up with the owner of a Missouri cooperage and travelled to Northeastern France to build a stave mill in the shadows of some of the world’s most prized French Oak forests. Their goal: To break the mold of the barrel world and ensure lasting quality for our wines.

But the story doesn’t end in the sustainably-managed forests of France. 

After the trees are felled, and cut into staves, they are aged and sent to Missouri where they are turned into barrels. This process is part-art, part-craft, as oak, fire, and the skill of highly-trained “wood-chefs” create the expertly-toasted vessels that will age and flavor our wines.

This process cannot be simulated with shortcuts and the result can be tasted in every sip of our barrel-aged wines. This commitment to quality is a Kendall-Jackson family value.

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