Trick or Treat Favorites: Pairing Halloween Candy & Wine

By dhueston 
In: Wine 101

It’s officially spooky season! One of our favorite Halloween traditions is raiding the candy stash. So whether you’re sipping and snacking at a costume party or “sampling” your kids' annual haul, here are the wines you should try pairing with your Halloween treats.  


Rosé + Swedish Fish

Kendall-Jackson Rosé & Swedish Fish

The classic tart and tangy flavor of Swedish fish is a fun pairing with the floral and strawberry notes of our crisp Rosé.


Sauvignon Blanc + Sour Patch Kids

Kendall-Jackson Sauvignon Blanc + Sour Patch Kids

It's full-on flavor when you pair our tropical Sauvignon Blanc with the initial hint of sour and bursting citrus flavors of Sour Patch Kids. But if you'd rather skip the "sour" part, our Kelsey Hills Sauvignon Blanc pairs wonderfully with a classic gummy bear, too. 


Chardonnay + Butterfinger

Our classic Chardonnay is known for having a hint of vanilla, toasted oak, and a kiss of butter. Now pair that with the milky chocolate and crunchy, buttery taste of this candy bar classic. We don't need to say more- yumm!


Low Calorie Chardonnay + Candy Corn or Kettlecorn

Kendall-Jackson Low Calorie Chardonnay + Candy Corn

If you're looking to lighten up but still want a treat, our Low Calorie Chardonnay is the pour for you with a handful of classic candy corn or kettle-cooked popcorn. 


Pinot Noir + Peanut Butter Cups

The smooth, earthy notes and soft, toasty finish of our Pinot Noir will make the smooth peanut butter and chocolate pairing melt in your mouth. 


Cabernet Sauvignon + Snickers or Twix

Kendall-Jackson Cabernet Sauvignon & Snickers

Decadence met decadence. Pair the bold mocha and nutmeg flavors of our Cabernet Sauvignon with the nutty, caramel chew of a Snickers. 


Think we are missing out on a spooktacular pairing that you love? Leave it in the comments or tag us @kjwines. Happy Halloween!