What Should I Do If Red Wines Are Too Dry?

By Winemaker Matt 
In: Wine 101

On Facebook, Whydoesithavetobecomplicated Ford recently asked our winemaker: Most red wines are dry and bitter what’s a good red wine?

Ford, sorry to hear that you haven’t found many red wines to your liking.  From your comment, I gather that it is mostly wines with heavier tannins that don’t appeal to you.  That’s OK.  You’re not alone.  And there are so many wines out there that there’s certainly something to appeal to everyone.

You might find some of Dr. Tim Hanni’s research interesting.  He feels that certain people are “super-tasters.”  These types of tasters are extremely sensitive and prefer wines without much tannin, generally something on the sweeter side.  Wines that are high in tannin and acidity feel too harsh for them.

I would recommend checking out red wines that are lower in tannins.  Typically wines like Pinot Noir, Sangiovese or Zinfandel can be of this type.  That is not to say that all Pinots, etc., are light wines.  There is a broad range of wine styles even within the same variety.

Visit a good wine shop where you can speak with someone knowledgeable about the wines they offer.  They will undoubtedly be able to suggest wines that would fit your preference.  Once you find a few you like, they will be able to build off of your known preferences to offer you other options you haven’t tried yet.  It’s an exciting adventure.

You should try Kendall-Jackson’s Pinot and Zinfandel of course, but also check out wines from Oregon and certain regions of Europe.  Good luck and happy hunting!