4 Easy Steps for a Green Father’s Day

Dad is the man. He is resourceful, efficient, and never asks for much. Dads don’t like having to do more than they have to, and more importantly, they don’t like having to use more than they have to. When it comes to holidays, he likes to be straightforward and easy going. Thus, dads are the perfect guinea pigs for having a low-emission, sustainable holiday. Here are four key steps for celebrating Father’s Day that will keep your old man happy while keeping mama earth in mind too:

  1. Let Dad sleep in. It is dad’s day, and he would most likely want to start on his own accord. He’ll need to rest for the great day you have planned for him. As a bonus, he won’t be using that many resources while sleeping, unless he likes sleeping with the TV on (this is never encouraged).
  2. Hide the remote. Convince dad that the remote is lost, and all of the electronics have short circuited in some freak accident that can’t be explained. Then, you can motivate him to go outside for a zero emissions bike ride, walk, or kayak trip. Let dad use his own self-sustainable energy instead of using up energy through his beloved electronic gadgets.
  3. Utilize the your creative skills to make eco-friendly gifts: Dad doesn’t need any more stuff. Reuse some old things in the house that you can redecorate into useful gifts for dad, such as: pots for plants, supply holders for his office, homemade ties to liven up his wardrobe, or handmade décor to remind him that he is everyone’s inspiration. For more great DIY gift ideas, check out the “25 Best DIY Father’s Day Gifts” from Babble.com
  4. Present the most fail-proof gift of all: Food. Fill a reusable bag with his favorite snacks. He’s sure to hide the snacks in his snack-drawer at work, and he can reuse the bag to carry his lunch. Then, fill another reusable bag with locally grown produce and meat or sustainably raised seafood that will make for his favorite Father’s Day dinner. You’ll cut down on food miles, plastic bag usage, and emissions you’d use to eat out. Let dad barbeque on a propane grill (it emits less carbon dioxide than charcoal, and is easier for dad to use anyhow). Food made with tender loving care is the way to any father’s heart.

Here at K-J, we encourage sustainability not only in our wine practices, but in everything that we care about. This Father’s Day, and every day, we care about our dads and how they can be eco-friendly too. If your dad is local to Sonoma County, bring him out to the K-J Wine Estate & Gardens to learn more about sustainable wine growing while enjoying some fun wine tasting.

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