5 MORE Spring Bucket List Ideas!

In case you missed our first list of our 5 favorite bucket list ideas for Spring, get them now! Once you’ve crossed them off your list, we have 5 more for you to do:

  1. Garden/Deck Brunch: It’s Sunday – you’re probably brunching anyways! Take it outdoors to your garden, deck or patio. Serve up a fresh spring salad (from your local farmer’s market), complemented with VR Chard.
  2. Exercise Outside: Socialize and shape-up! Spring also means swimsuit season is right around the corner. Find a workout buddy and go for a jog in the neighborhood, ride your bike in the park, sign-up for a morning bootcamp or find a yoga class in the park. For those of us that don’t love working-out (I mean, working is literally in the name), friends can always make it more fun.
  3. Picnic: Take a walk in the park – literally. Choose a sunny afternoon to spread a blanket, pack a basket and text some friends. Bring a ball to play catch, relax and soak up the sun.
  4. Hike/long Walk: Take a trip to a close national park or hit your favorite trail for the first time this season, bringing a picnic along. If you live in the city, call your best buds and take a “city hike” – aka, a long walk through your favorite neighborhoods. See what you’ve been missing under the blanket of snow and then stop at your favorite outdoor café for lunch.
  5. Volunteer: Do a little research in your community and get a group of friends together to help out at a local animal shelter, work at a community garden or clean-up a park.

What’s on your spring bucket list? We’d love to hear!