9 Fun Activities To Do This Summer and Fall

Summer and fall are the perfect time to start new adventures but sometimes we still end up in the same routine. Many of us just need a little inspiration to liven up these sunny months. Luckily we’re here to help you out!

  1. Have a Picnic. You’ll most likely find this activity on the top of anyone’s summer to do list but with good reason. No one can deny the fun of a picnic when you bring together good friends, good food and, most importantly, good wine!
  2. Go to an Outdoor Concert. Outdoor concerts are becoming increasingly popular and can be found all over the US. Whether it’s as simple as a small free concert in your hometown or a large-scale production of your favorite band, outdoor concerts are always a fun experience. Do some research around your area to find a great open-air show; you won’t regret it.
  3. Host a BBQ. Summertime was made for BBQs! Take advantage and host an awesome backyard BBQ for your friends this summer. If you’re intimidated by making food for a large amount of people make your life easier and turn it into a potluck! Be sure to check out our tips on how to throw a great summer BBQ.
  4. Pick Fruit. Summer produce is one of the highlights of the season; take advantage of all it has to offer. If you don’t have a garden try to find a farm near you that allows you to pick your own fruit. Check out pickyourown.org to help you get started.
  5. Start an Herb Garden. Do ever find yourself wishing for some fresh herbs on hand to liven up your dinner plate? Remedy that by starting a small herb garden. It doesn’t have to be any large-scale production; you can start one right from the comfort of your kitchen windowsill.  Pick a few of your favorite herbs and get started!
  6. Go to the Farmer’s Market. This one may be an obvious summer activity but make it more interesting by picking out some produce you’ve never tried or heard of before. There are so many types of fruits and vegetables out there, if you dig around you’re sure to discover something new!
  7. Take a trip to a National Park. With breathtaking national parks scattered all across the nation, there is sure to be one close enough for you to explore. National parks are full of outdoor beauty, something that we should all be taking advantage of in these beautiful summer months. Check out our list of must see national parks to help you choose where to go!
  8. Go Wine Tasting. Gather up some friends (and a designated driver!) and find a winery near you. If there are no wineries in your area try hosting your own wine tasting party!
  9. Create a Photo Journal. Relive all the great memories you’ve made by creating a photo journal of all your summer activities.