A Bit About Randy

We are excited to introduce you to our Winemaster Randy Ullom … but not right now. Currently, Randy is up to his signature mustache in wine, guiding the 2010 vintage through the fermentation process in our cellars.

We look forward to sharing with you Randy’s years of experience with the vines and wines of Kendall-Jackson. He’s headed up the winemaking here since 1997, working alongside proprietor Jess Jackson as the portfolio has grown.

Here’s a bit of his personal philosophy on winemaking, in his own words: “Make wine that can be enjoyed by all, without a PhD. Make wines that have a lot of forward fruit, are easy and enjoyable to drink, with long enticing finishes … that linger, beckon and entice for another sip.”

Sounds good to us. We look forward to hearing from Randy personally … just as soon as they let him out of the cellar.