Connecting with Our Thriving Employees

Kendall-Jackson has always been and continues to proudly be a family-owned company. As a result, we are able to make decisions for the long-haul. In order to do so, we take great care of everything and everyone that helps us make our quality wines in a better way. Considered a part of the family, our employees are integral in building K-J’s aspirations for the future into the core of their everyday work. Therefore, we strive to build a thriving employee base through ongoing engagement and connectivity, and in recent years, have discovered how important sustainability is to this engagement.

Practically Green – A great way to embed sustainability into your life (at home & work)

We first launched a new online, socially-driven tool called Practically Green in 2012 for our employees to score their personal environmental performance at home or at work. Currently, we have 150 employees across the company who are engaging with this platform on a range of topics from water conservation to energy efficiency. Collectively, the combined efforts of all our Practically Green users are making a positive impact. For example, we have:

• Saved enough fuel to move a 10,000 ton freight train 55 miles,
• Saved 50 reams of copy paper (or three trees),
• Saved 26,954 kWh of energy (that is enough to power New York City for 15 seconds!)*

Actively learning how to take sustainability home

Through Practically Green, our employees can learn why resource conservation is important on a personal level and how we can all help make sustainability the default at K-J and at home. The portal provides well-researched information that helps employees build their confidence and knowledge in talking about personal sustainability, so that they can share K-J’s story as well. Most importantly, we can stay connected with each other on the platform and see what’s important to our employees.
-Sabrina Sihakom, Sustainability Coordinator

*This information was calculated by the Practically Green team of researchers and engineers