Dear K-J: A Letter from a Fan

We love our fans! We got this amazing letter from our fan Michelle S. in Alaska. Cheers to all of our #KJFriends out there!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Hi K-J winery! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your Pinot Noir 2010 California. Other than the taste, that is literally all I know about it. The name. So I was in a liquor store picking up some wine. For the better good of mankind I have quit drinking hard alcohol, and I really can’t stand beer. My usual is a white zin, because, to my unsophisticated palate, it tastes good. Not sweet, not tart, not bubbly and not like dirt. By chance, I picked up your 2010 California Pinot Noir. I am somewhat embarrassed to tell you I have absolutely no idea how to even pronounce it, but I can fix that later.

Anywhoooo, it’s a dark bottle; I didn’t know it was a red wine. I tend to stay away from them because the first glass or so always make me shudder, and some taste downright like dirt. Or mold. So I’m home, I’m off work, laundry’s done, kitchen is clean- all is right in my little world: time for a glass of wine! I open the bottle of K-J, and seeing that it’s a red, think, “Oh well, how bad can it be?”

Let me tell you, my new BFF! That is the best tasting wine I have ever had in my life! Which is not why I’m contacting you. Why I’m contacting you, is that in a lot of things in life, when you find something you like, there fifty million others just like it, only with a different name. Okay, fifty million is an exaggeration, but you get my meaning. As I’m getting ready to finish off the bottle, two things enter my mind; 1) I don’t have another bottle; I only bought the one and 2) I must share this great thing that is K-J Pinot Noir 2010 California! My husband of 32 years is sitting there, sipping his evening whiskey, and a good friend and neighbor is on the other side of the room (movie night) drinking his whiskey-water. I asked each if they would like to try my wine before it’s gone, because it’s really, really good.

They both taste it, they both like it and agree it’s the smoothest wine either has ever had. Our friend even considers himself somewhat of a wine connoisseur, but since he can’t pronounce Pinot Noir correctly either, I don’t believe him. This is proved beyond a shadow of a doubt 2 nights later. We had invited him to dinner, steaks on the grill. He asked what he could bring; I loudly said, “Bring me the K-J 2010 Pinot Noir! My Kingdom for the K-J !” He shows up with a bottle of a different 2010 Pinot Noir from California. I thanked him;  then politely asked if they were out of the K-J. Our friend can be somewhat of a snob at times; it turns out this was one of them. He told me this one would be better because – and I quote – “It costs more.”  I laughed and said, “We’ll see.” Let me tell you, it was not even close! In the future, I have no desire to even try another brand, or label, or whatever they’re called. When I drink a red, it will be YOUR K-J 2010 Pinot Noir. If I try another, it will be another K-J.

I want to let you know, my life has changed since I’ve ‘discovered’ your wine. My little world is a much happier place. I no longer feel the need for therapy. Just kidding – I never did, BUT, if I did have a therapist, I would tell them to stock up on K-J!  Keep on growing them grapes, my friends, because it’s more than obvious to me, as sure as God made little purple grapes, you people know what to do with them.