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#FarmerFriday: 5 Things to Ensure a Successful Home Garden

This #FarmerFriday, we asked Tucker: What are 5 things people can do in their home gardens to ensure a successful harvest?

  1. Focus on the soil rather than the plant. Building healthy soils will ensure healthy plants. Add compost, minerals and fertilizers each time you turn a soil bed. Rather than starting from seed, purchase organic quick starts that can be transplanted.
  2. Plant radishes, turnips and lettuce; they are easy cultivate and quick to harvest.
  3. Keep carrots moist during germination. Place wet newspaper on top of the soil to lock in the moisture.
  4. Plant cover crops such as legumes to fix nitrogen into the soil, and till grains back into the soil.
  5. Invest in a wire weeder, the one tool I can’t live without. It’s perfect for getting in between plants to root out weeds without inflicting damage on your crops.

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