Gearing Up for Earth Day All Month

Now that February, and almost March, have come and gone, and all of those ambitious New Year’s Resolutions have seemingly melted away with the snow, you might find yourself searching for something to put a little spring in your step.

Are you looking for something to reinvigorate you or inspire you to make healthier or more sustainable choices? Good news, we are here to help!

Earth Day does not have to be confined to one day each year.  Here at Kendall-Jackson, we will be celebrating the whole month! Each week during April, we will be sharing some ideas on how we can all live more sustainably by making choices that benefit our planet and your pocketbook.  So please join us in our journey this April to help build a healthier future.

During our Earth Day All Month celebration we will be focusing on topics like reducing energy and water consumption, minimizing waste and making healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices. With some help from our friends at Practically Green, we will be providing some practical tips on how you can make green choices as well.

Leave a question or a suggestion in the comments – let’s talk!