Groundhog Day…Again

This Saturday is February 2nd, which just happens to be Groundhog Day. Whether you follow the folklore predictions of some of our more famous groundhogs, such as Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania or General Beauregard Lee of Georgia, we’re all curious to know if we can anticipate an early spring or if we’re in for another 6 weeks of winter. I will continue to keep a wary eye out for the final frost date of the season – and hope that for sooner rather than later.


Vintner's Reserve Merlot

The groundhog has played a character actor in several Hollywood films through the years; he’s that fuzzy creature who emerges from his hole to show the world his shadow, or not, depending on the sunshine.  He’s always a catalyst for change.  At K-J, we see the groundhog as a symbol of the natural cycle of things.  Whether spring comes early or not, we know that when the groundhog shows us his cute face, it is definitely on the horizon. As a gardener and chef, the very thought of spring is music to my ears.

Whatever the groundhogs predict, I’ll be enjoying a glass of Kendall-Jackson wine while I peruse the seed catalogs and dream of summer tomatoes! If it’s an early spring, I’ll enjoy some refreshing Vintner’s Reserve Sauvignon Blanc, and if I need to bundle up for a few more months then I’ll pop open a nice, juicy Vintner’s Reserve Merlot. Either way, I’m happy as a groundhog.