Kendall-Jackson Goes Undercover On ‘Undercover Boss’

We have a secret. Not too long ago Kendall-Jackson president Rick Tigner went undercover. This January you’ll get to see just what he got in to and parts of the winery never before seen on television.

On January 29th Kendall-Jackson will become the first winery to be featured on the popular CBS show ‘Undercover Boss.’ Our fearless leader, Rick Tigner, stepped out of his office and into the field, visiting various parts of the winery to get a deeper understanding of the people and spirit that make up Kendall-Jackson.

The Undercover Boss experience was a moving one for Tigner, who has been president of Kendall-Jackson since May 2010. In addition to being an educational experience he called it an emotional one as well.

“I had an opportunity to see the passion and commitment our employees have for their jobs and this company,” said Tigner. “A lot of work goes into making a bottle of Kendall-Jackson wine, and I was honored to witness that first-hand.”

‘Undercover Boss’ comes at an emotional time for Kendall-Jackson. In April, we lost our founder and leader, Jess Jackson. With Jess’s legacy in mind, Rick set out to view Kendall-Jackson from a fresh perspective to find out what makes our company so special.

Barbara Banke, our proprietor and Jess’s wife, agrees that Rick’s journey came at the right moment for the company. Banke, along with her and Jess Jackson’s children, Katie, Julia and Christopher, were also present for the filming.

“This was the perfect opportunity for our new president to go undercover and check in on our founding principles of quality vineyards, family and hard work,” she said.

Be sure to tune in to CBS’s ‘Undercover Boss’ on Sunday January 29th from 8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT and follow along with our story.