Kendall-Jackson Wine Club: One Size Fits All

This weekend I took care of most of my Christmas shopping and I think I did pretty well.  For my parents, I decided to get them Apple TV this year.  I think it’s a great gift; and if I can figure how to use it, I will be able to stream pictures & videos of my daughter directly from my phone for my family to enjoy.

We will also be able to watch movies together and catch up on all our favorite shows when I’m home for the holidays.  And the best part is I can also play music via my phone through Apple TV – just in case I need a break from Dad’s Christmas music.

Besides Apple TV, the other ultimate gift I like to give is a membership to the Kendall-Jackson Wine Club.  I have been giving my family a wine club membership for the past five years and it is always their favorite gift.

It is so convenient: the shipping is done for me; I don’t have to renew the membership from year to year; and, I don’t have to worry about sizes or assembly.

It is also fun for my family because they receive wine and recipes throughout the year, not just at Christmas time and they get invitations to special members’ only events.

Happy Holidays.