#KJUncorked: 11 Ways to Enjoy Me Time

If you found yourself with an extra hour for Me Time – and only Me Time – what would you do?

Since this may not happen often enough in life, we came up with some ideas to help you spend that quality time with yourself.

  1. Gather your friends. Spend one hour with your crew & a bottle of K-J. Share your week’s stories, laugh together and be present. Your brain will thank you.
  2. Start your garden. Spring is the perfect time to get outside and tend to your garden. Even if you don’t have the space for a true garden, grab some herbs and “plant” them in your kitchen. Not only can you focus on nurturing the herbs, you get a really reap the rewards of your green thumb.
  3. Write in your journal. Chronicle the things that make you stressed out and highlight the good times. Each day, write down one thing you’re thankful for and each month go back to see how great life is.
  4. People watch. Visit your favorite bistro, order a glass of wine and an appetizer and just watch. People are incredibly interesting, funny and weird. An hour of people watching can lighten anyone’s spirits!
  5. Flip through a magazine that has gorgeous imagery. Travel magazines get be your escape…paired with a glass of wine and you could be in that small Italian town,. even for just a moment.
  6. Walk somewhere. Your favorite neighborhood, a local town you haven’t been to, walk through the park, stroll along the beach – walking with no interruptions or distractions (put that phone down!) will clear your head and energize you.
  7. Take a class. Sign up for something that’s outside your comfort zone. Become more knowledgeable in something you love (wine & food pairing, anyone?)
  8. Treat yourself to a spa hour. Get a facial, a mani/pedi or a massage. Enjoy the time spent away from your obligations and focused on yourself in a truly relaxing atmosphere. Bonus: many spas offer a glass of wine!
  9. Play a game. Ask your friends to come over for a riveting game of [fill in the blank.] A round of cards, charades, or your favorite board game allows you to focus on the fun at hand.
  10. Read a book. We all have books we “just haven’t gotten to” yet. Crack it open, pour a glass and read.
  11. Visit a new wine bar with your best friend. Try new wines. Swirl, smell & sip – really drink in the wine with all of your senses. Discuss the wine with your friend and see how you each describe it.

We wish we could give you one extra hour for yourself, but since we can’t, you can! Schedule Me Time as you would any appointment. Shoot for one hour per week where you can “power down” and focus on yourself. Revel in it!