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Lend A Helping Hand For A Sustainable Holiday Season

For many people being sustainable means being environmentally responsible that is great but is not the whole picture. Sustainability is all about driving environmental, social and economic value we all can share. This time of the year I feel it’s right to focus on the social aspect and help out those in need; we’ll return to saving the planet in January.

Most of the year we do our best to protect the environment, but around the Holidays lots of decisions are out of our hands. Who could really complain about a thoughtful gift because it’s wrapped in a bunch of non-recyclable packaging? The team I work with is giving our time again at the Redwood Empire Food Bank bagging food for holiday meals. It’s one of the many charitable organizations Kendall-Jackson supports financially, but putting together food that families will enjoy together really warms your heart.

There are so many ways each of us can make a contribution to enrich the lives of others. Yesterday Julia Jackson posted about the Secret Santa program we support; you’ve undoubtedly had opportunities to give a little when you go the mall or grocery store. If you’re looking for a way to get personally involved contact a place near you like the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County. I give my time at the Volunteer Center and it’s a great opportunity to get involved, plus you can bring the kids and turn the day into a learning opportunity about the true spirit of giving.

If you’re too busy or just not ready yet to get directly involved, you can always write a check. When I contribute to an organization I try to give enough so that it hurts a little. Doing that let’s me know I’m digging deep and making a difference in someone’s life. After all, 2011 has been really hard for so many people that are now hungry or cold and need all the help we can give.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the environmental and social challenges of the World, wondering if our small contribution will make any difference. Environmental change is often harder to see because it takes more time. When you give your time, effort or money to help others during the Holidays they feel the difference this month, right now.

Frankly, from a selfish perspective, nothing puts me in the Holiday spirit quite like giving to those who really need and appreciate it. Happy Holidays to you and your families.