A New Year And A New Take On Chardonnay

Well, the year of 2010 went out with the sun shining, the powder deep, the reservoirs full, new regimes, new governments, new politicians and no where to go but up!

After the challenging growing season of 2010, having followed the same of 2009, with the year starting with the date 1/1/11 and coming on up quickly to 1/11/11, I predict that our last harvest date in 2011 will likely be 11/11/11! You can bet on that one.

The tastings we have had to date are showing that the 2010 harvest is again one for the quality record books. Despite the challenges we had with the weather, the hang time was spectacular and thus the flavors are wonderful.  You can look forward to some great Sauvignon Blancs and Pinots to lead off our bottlings this season.

But let me tell you about our new Chardonnay. Avant is our new, lightly oaked and more stainless steel fermented Chardonnay. More importantly, Kendall-Jackson Avant starts rolling out on a national basis this week in select markets and will be available everywhere in February.  (Of course, you can find Kendall-Jackson Avant on our Website if you can’t wait.)

Having eaten the traditional Christmas meals of late, I find that the standard bearer of Chardonnay — Kendall-Jackson Vintners Reserve — continues to pair well with the cheese fondues and the cracked Dungeness Crab. But the new Avant rocks with the small fresh Miyagi and Mishu oysters, chowders and salads, and quite simply alone as well as a great sipper.

While I’m probably not the first, let me be one of the last to you wish you all the best  in the New Year !