Plate Like a Pro

Chef Robert shared some tips on how to plate in his Chardonnay Cake post. We decided to take Chef Robert’s tips and create a blog post just on how to plate like a pro.


Plating is the art of displaying your dish on a plate. You put a lot of time into making/baking/creating, you should wow your guests and display it proudly! Chef Robert has some tips on how to plate your dish like a pro.

Use odd numbers: If you are adding garnishes to your dish, add them in odd numbers. We added a total of seven to the Chardonnay Cake – four raspberries and three meringue drops. We have also added three edible flowers. Odd numbers add visual interest to any dish by keeping the eye moving around the plate. The same principle applies in decorating your home!

Pile: Food on top of food makes for a gorgeous tower.

Less is more: Either use a bigger plate or a smaller portion of your dish. You don’t want the food to be crowded on the plate. Let each piece shine!

Organized, delectable chaos: While piling ingredients and creating your masterpiece, you may create chaos along the way. Always keep a damp dish towel near by to clean the sides of the plate so the sauce stays where you want it. Point your ingredients in different ways for added interest to let your guests’ eyes travel around the plate.

Create art!

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