Remembering Jess

Today, Saturday, April 21st, marks the one-year anniversary of our founder Jess Stonestreet Jackson’s passing. When Jess founded this company almost three decades ago, he set out to build a lasting company that produced the world’s best wines with the same passion he had for living life. Jess was a hard-working man of conviction, dedication, and love: he was proud that he built a family company founded on those same principles.

Everything that we share here at Jackson Family Wines is the result of Jess’s vision, perseverance and fearless approach to business and to life. We all owe so much to this great man, and it is his legacy that we continually strive to honor in the hard work that we do together here at our family owned company.

We hope you take a moment this weekend to reflect on the past and celebrate the life of our founder. Jess is continually missed, but we know under the leadership of his wife Barbara Banke he would be proud of where we are and where we are headed.

Warm Regards,

The Team at Kendall-Jackson