Remembering My Dad

The past few months have been difficult for my family and me, which is why I haven’t posted lately. Still, I want to continue blogging, and I thought I’d take some time and dedicate it to my father, Jess Jackson.

My dad once said that “a family has a culture that’s not corporate. A family has a culture that wants to hand the soil and the brand and the team onto the next generation and create something of lasting value and never breach the trust of the consumer.”

My father taught me the value of hard work and vision. He was a man of integrity and strength who believed that our company’s legacy is about farming and cultivation of the land. He knew that this legacy, if properly attended to, could last for generations. His dream was that the business would be passed down to our grandchildren’s grandchildren.  We intend to preserve his legacy.

I cherished every moment I spent learning from my dad. He knew that my siblings and I would be committed to his vision of quality, commitment, stewardship of the land and making the world a better place. He’s proud of me, but I want to be sure that, in the future, he would feel a solemn sense of pride at his family’s accomplishments.

One of the things I’ll cherish most about my dad is his passion, integrity and brilliance. He was a champion to so many people, but mainly those closest to him. After he passed some of the news coverage referred to him as a “wine mogul” and “wine titan.” He never perceived himself that way and, in fact, was much more.  He was a loving father and a modest man with a big heart. He didn’t see the need to boast and preferred to stay out of the spotlight. Some of his last words to the nurse were, “the only thing I regret is that I couldn’t make the world a better place. I had so much more to do and too little time.”

You’ve already made the world a better place, Dad.

You told me to never forget that you have a very special place for me and your love will always be there no matter what; well same goes to you dad. May you rest in peace.